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About Cremation

"I would rather leave my money to my children
than spend it on a funeral."

"It's a nice feeling knowing that my survivors will not have to
go through the ritualistic scene of a funeral."

"We are running out of burial space ...
cemeteries are using up scarce land."

"When my time comes ...
I just want to keep it simple."

There are many reasons for choosing cremation. Enlightened consumers are increasingly changing their belief systems and feelings towards the traditional funeral. Cremation is not only a considerate alternative, it is an environmentally responsible choice. In addition, cremation allows for a wide range of personally meaningful options for final disposition of our mortal remains which are simply not otherwise available - sea scattering, burial or interment in a cemetery, kept at home, are but a few.

For these and countless other reasons, it is not surprising that cremation is the choice for many Rhode Island residents. The Cremation Society of Rhode Island is a Premier Cremation Provider. Whether you live in Rhode Island or nearby Massachusetts or Connecticut, we can handle your services simply, with dignity and very affordably, all without the need to involve your local funeral home.


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